Whose Wheels?

Wheel Away (Rulla Iväg)
Wheel Away With Me (Rulla Iväg)

These wheels belong to Ingunn. I am a legal advisor from Oslo (Norway) who caught the travel bug many years ago. Wheel The World is a mix of a travel blog and a multi-lingual collection of resources for the disabled traveler. The resource collection is unfortunately not up to date, because I am too busy with other issues. My travel goal is to catch up with my grandfather Leif, who visited 137 countries during his lifetime. Which means I have a lot of traveling to do!

I have brittle bones (osteogenesis imperfecta), but that doesn’t stop me from exploring the world together with my partner André, who has his own blog.

I use a power chair (Permobil C500) at work and around Oslo. But when I wheel the world I bring my manual chair (panthera). I travel with friends, but I have also traveled to Spain and the US by myself. Follow me on my trips around the world!

5 thoughts on “Whose Wheels?”

  1. Hi. my name is Seoyoon from Seoul, Korea.
    I have spinal cord injury so I use manual wheelchair (WCHC)
    but I also can’t stop exploring the world as you 🙂
    I am planning to travel Europe on this September alone,
    I need to get some flight information and your blog is quite helpful for me.
    I just want to ask some question
    because sometimes ‘real experience’ is better than official website.

    In my plan, I will gonna visit Scandinavian countries
    like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland taking SAS.
    Plus, Belgium and Netherland by Using SAS.
    I do not have much time to travel by Eurail, so SAS mightl be my major transportation at Europe.

    From the official website, SAS DO NOT have special wheelchair at European line.
    I was so shocked 🙁
    I am so curious about that SAS doesn’t provide any onboard wheelchair at European line?
    I read your travel diary to Ethiopia, and I think you used WCOB(onboard wheelchair) to Oslo.
    Is that right?

    It might be a foolish question to you, but I have to adjust my plan clearly.
    i don’t want to have any stressful problem, I think you can understand what am I saying 🙂

    This message could be surprised to you,
    hope I can get the answer from real experienced person like you.

    Please reply to my email: seoyoonhong@gmail.com

    If you have any questions about Travelling Korea by wheelchair, I can give you a lot of information.

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