Wheeling Oslo – The Secrets (The House)

Our house, it has a crowdThere’s always something happening and it’s usually quite loudOur mum, she’s so house-proudNothing ever slows her down, and a mess … Read more

Wheeling New York – The Hotel

You gonna love me, like nobody’s loved me Come rain or come shine Happy together, unhappy together Wouldn’t it be fine Days may be cloudy … Read more

Wheel the World – Up in the Air

I’ve been up in the air Out of my head Stuck in a moment of emotion I’ve destroyed Is this the end I feel? Up … Read more

Wheeling Oslo – for Foodies & Goodies

Your table manners are a crying shame You’re playing with your food, this ain’t some kind of game Now, if you starve to death You’ll … Read more

Wheeling Barcelona – the Gaudí Way

Las Ramblas, I’ll meet you We’ll dance around La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) Drinking Sangría Mi niña, te amo mi cariño (Barcelona) Mamacita, rica Sí tú, … Read more