Shopping in Salzburg – what to buy (or not)

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My friends all know that I am not a shopaholic. First of all I have more than enough with carrying the stuff I brought to a place. There is simply no room for adding more on my non-exisiting lap, when I am going home. Second of all – I prefer using my money on experiences rather than silly souvenirs you will put in a closet when you get home anyway.

2015-06-25 15.04.01

However I find window shopping quite amusing (or window photos). And I enjoy wheeling around and looking at peculiar stuff I could buy, but will not. And I am actually amazed that there is a market for some of it.

2015-06-25 15.08.49
In Salzburg a sign is not only a sign. No neon here!

My biggest amazement in Salzburg (and this one was BIG) came regarding the tracht. This is a national costume in German countries, but the special thing about Salzburg is that everyone has one. And they wear it! Almost every day!

2015-06-25 12.30.39
Guy with lederhosen in the Mirabell park.

When I thought of it afterwards, they have 150.000 inhabitants and 4 million tourists. That means that probably 95% of the people there work in the tourist industry. So this probably explains the original outfits. But still, it seemed that they wore it with pride on their leisure time as well. Either full garment with lederhosen and the whole package, or just a piece of it…like the very feminin white shirt they wore inside their colorful costumes. 2015-06-25 15.08.43 2015-06-30 12.29.50

Anyway, I was amazed and amused. And there were plenty of possibilities of buying one, either for adults or children. One of my conference colleagues almost fell for the temptation, because she’s Dutch and don’t have a national costume on May 17th (Norway’s constitution day). But she decided not to after all…

Other useful or not so useful stuff you can buy in Salzburg:

2015-06-25 12.42.05
Mozart products in any shape or quality (the silver kuglen are supposed to be the best)
2015-06-25 14.35.08
In the Modern Museum (MdM) they call liquor by it’s real name: DRUGS
2015-06-25 15.23.04
Attention to details. Even the plastic ducks had the tracht.
2015-06-25 16.03.25
You CAN buy this. But do you really really want to…?
2015-06-26 11.46.40
You can also buy a fancy (??) haircut if you like. And obviously Austrian guys also suffer from the beard epidemic…
2015-06-26 11.46.05
We liked the Cup&Cino’s individualistic concept of breakfast hours between 8 and 22 hours.
2015-06-26 11.51.03
And breakfast was good. Everything was freshly made.
2015-06-29 21.52.37
Of course you can buy bier. Stiegl seemed to be the brand of Salzburg. However in lack of accessible toilets nearby, I went for wine instead.
2015-06-29 21.20.22
The roof in bierstube Stieglkeller…
2015-06-26 12.59.19
Food was good most places in Salzburg. Maybe we were lucky and avoided the tourist traps. The best dinner we had was in Triangel, the neighbour of this charming back yard (close to the University). In this place I only had a bruschetta, but it was really really good.
2015-06-26 14.30.58
We were told by the conference hosts that if you just order coffee (black coffee) in Austria they will regard you as barbaric. Coffee is not coffee. It’s espresso, Americano, cappuccino, frappuccino and a hundred other names I don’t remember right now. Austrians take their coffee seriously (and if I get the translation right): “Coffee makes you think. And real espresso makes you rave. How many passionate moment do you associate with fruit tea?” I could not have said it better myself!

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