Should I Sleep or Should I Not?

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The plane leaves at half past 6 tomorrow morning. The taxi will be here to pick me up at 4 o’ clock already. For a person who really loves to stay up at night (and hates getting up in the morning) it is very tempting to stay up all night. Even if I know that the sensible thing is to go to bed for a few hours.

The problem is – I have a tendency of ignoring my alarm clock these days, so if I go to sleep I might wake up when the taxi driver rings my doorbell. Happened a few months ago when I was leaving for Barcelona. Not a very nice way to start a holiday…

And I have more butterflies in my stomach than I have had for many years. I think they will keep me up not matter what. Hmm, I think I will stay up and write some Christmas cards instead… :-)


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