The Southernmost Tip of Norway

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ImageLindesnes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Lindesnes fyrstasjon) is a coastal lighthouse and museum on the southernmost tip of mainland Norway, the peninsula Neset. It is also the oldest lighthouse station in Norway, first lit in 1655.

On July 7th we went to the Southernmost Tip of Norway to celebrate a big birthday party. Lindesnes Lighthouse is only a 15 minute drive from Spangereid, so this was not my first time there. Still have North Cape (Nordkapp) left…

First we had a lovely dinner at the restaurant Fyrgryta. We had a tasty fish soup with cod and bread baked with sea water and seeweed. The dishes were served on very original plates: dried palm leaves. For dessert we got a fantastic lemon pannacotta with strawberry. The restaurant had invented a very poetic name for the dish. Unfortunately it was so long and complicated, that I have forgotten about it. But it was something about being multicultural, I think…


The restaurant Fyrgryta is completely accessible with level entrance, parking right outside and a nice wheelchair accessible bathroom. From the accessible terrace you have a nice view over the lighthouse and the mountain hall.


After dinner, we went down to the mountain hall (Fjellhallen). The hall is also completely accessible for wheelchair users (there are some cobblestones though). In the movie theatre we watched 2 short movies about the Lindesnes area and the weather conditions at Lindesnes.


After dinner it was time to check out the lighthouse and the view to Denmark (well almost). Unfortunately, old lighthouses are usually not very accessible for wheelchair users. Lindesnes Lighthouse being no exception. Actually I heard some kind of rumour that they were spending millions of kroner on making my homeplace (Leirvik) lighthouse accessible for wheelies. Quite frankly, I thought it was a ridiculous idea! They should try fixing some of the many schools in the area instead. From my 12 years at school, I only spent 2 years in a wheelchair accessible building. Being carried around for 10 years kind of sucked. But I can easily manage some more years without accessing a lighthouse to be honest…

Not all exploration is wheelie accessible….

But hey, this was not the first time I paid a visit to Lindesnes Lighthouse. In 1996 I visited my friend Ingrid at Spangereid for the first time. And having a young (easily bribed), tall and very strong brother can come in quite handy.

Because Ingrid had decided that she was going to show her (fortunately not too heavy) guest the sunset from Lindesnes Lighthouse. And thus, she made her brother carry us both all the way to the top. Just in time for the last rays of sunshine.


Last Sunday I asked him if he would do it again. But I think he thought I was joking, so I did not get a straight answer… 😉

But even if the lighthouse itself is not wheelchair accessible – I definitely recommed paying the Southernmost Tip of Norway a visit.


Just make sure you have breaks on your wheelchair or someone strong to hold on to. The winds at Lindesnes can be strong and blow you into the ocean before you know it…

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Grandma. Happy birthday to you!

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