Wheeling Edinburgh – Why Not?

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Why not (why not)
Take a crazy chance
Why not (why not)
Do a crazy dance
If you lose the moment
You might lose a lot
So, why not, why not

Hilary Duff

Did I convince you to go to Edinburgh in the previous blogpost from Scotland?
Well, here are my top 10 reasons NOT to go to Edinburgh:

  1. It is hard to find accessible restaurants, so we ended up at Jamie Oliver’s place twice. But this is not a bad place to be. Food was good. And to be honest, they have very honest waiters:

Me: Can we have two of the Jamie Oliver’s special cocktail as an aperitif?
Waitor: No, you don’t want that.
Me: Oh, really? Why?
Waitor: It’s very sour.
Me: But I don’t like sweet drinks. I tend to like them a little bit sour.
Waitor: But you will not like this.
Me: So, it’s not sour? It’s very very sour?
Waitor: Let’s just say he wasn’t that lucky with this drink. I don’t know what went wrong, but you seriously don’t want it.
Me: Ok, we trust you! Let’s have a mojito and a bramble instead.

2. Hills, hills and hills. The only flat area is the main street from what I could see. But if you want to go anywhere from there, you will face some hills. Some of them seriously steep, in the direction of the castle.


3. Cobble stones! Some places you have to cross the street on some of the very worst kind. Without an assistant – I don’t think I would make it.

Not the worst example…

4. Things seem to be out of order…

5. Haggis! Served at an international conference! I wonder if anyone dared to taste…


6. The intense smell of gas in the bathroom of the hotel (Doubletree Hilton)


7. You might get killed if you don’t look right. Or was it left…?


8. It rains a lot. But as you can see, not always…

9. Hotels are expensive (at least the ones we could find)

10. You will hear bagpipe music. Again and again…


Farewell to Edinburgh…



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