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I have found the perfect hotel. Yes, I know! It is hard to believe after all the hotels I have been to lately. And it was even harder to believe the reviews on Tripadvisor before we went to Torino (yeah I know it is called Turin in English).

Because before we visited – the hotel had ONLY reviews in the category “excellent” or “very good”. No mediocre. No bad. And no really bad. When does that ever happen? When are there no British guests unhappy with the afternoon tea, Norwegians complaining about lacking minibar or Asians complaining about…whatever? I had problems to believe it. To good to be true is usually…exactly that.

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But ladies and gentlemen – let me introduce to you the perfect hotel: Turin Palace Hotel. Everything you have read on Tripadvisor is true. It was a pure joy to stay there and this is why I like the Turin Palace Hotel:

  • Location is central, with wheeling distance to most things
  • In spite of this it is quiet, making it easy to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable.
  • Both breakfast (included) and food in the restaurant is good.
  • And even better – the breakfast buffet is LOW! You can see and reach the food…
  • Very friendly and personal service from the entire staff.
  • The hotel is newly refurbished and has very nice colors and style. My favourite colors to be honest…
  • A fantastic big rooftop terrace (and yes, it is wheelchair accessible if you only choose the right elevator)
  • The best aperol spritz in history – with blood oranges…
  • A nice (accessible) spa with a big jacuzzi, steam bath, saunas and more.
  • All drinks comes delicately served with small appetizers (as is common in Torino)
  • It’s accessible!

And it is not over yet. In the room there is a wheel-in closet and a gorgeous bathroom – with bathtub, shower, toilet and a bidet. Everything looked shiny, new and delicate in black and white. But no grab bars, and maybe a bit on the narrow side for big electrical wheelchairs. But behind a “secret door” the disabled friendly rooms has an extra bathroom! In the wheelchair friendly one you had grab bars and wheel-in shower with a fixed seat. You could also transfer to the toilet from the side (but only from one).


The whole hotel was wheelchair accessible. Even if they have the most fancy staircase, they also have 4 lifts. And even if the main entrance was not accessible (unless you are fond of very narrow revolving doors), they have a side entrance with a doorbell. And you know what the best thing is? They answer the doorbell right away! Every f…. time! I was not optimistic about that, when we pressed the button the first time. I must admit that my pessimistic self thought the button with the wheelchair symbol was mostly for decoration. But no. It worked. Even when we came home late one night, after slightly too many drinks at the local taverna…


And be aware, when you wake up the next morning (after losing one hour because of daylight savings time), the whole hotel will know that you did not get up until 2 o’clock. And greet you good morning. And ask how you are feeling. And you will feel stupid. And hung over. But somehow it is ok. Just take the lift to the rooftop terrace to get some fresh air, have the best toast and coldest coca cola in history – and sleep your hangover off on one of the many lounge chairs. Life ain’t that bad. And then you go to the spa…

If we are going to be extremely picky, these are our “major” complaints:

  • Too many icecubes in the G&T
  • Bad recipe of the cosmo (but I’ve never had a good cosmo in a hotel bar anyway)
  • They moved our Golf R without our permission
  • The bed was maybe a little bit on the hard side. But only maybe…
  • There were two steps to the private balcony in the room

But seriously? This is just nonsense! I would without doubt give the hotel 5 out of 5 points. And most people on Tripadvisor seem to agree with us. Yes, it cost 170€ per night (for the room including breakfast for 2), but it was worth every penny. There was indoor parking available against 25 euros per day, but make sure to pre-order.

Go to Torino! If only to stay at this wonderful hotel…

All photos are taken by Ingunn & André.



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    • Yes, it was labeled “Finnish sauna” and was one of the better ones I have been to actually. The difference in heat between the different levels was remarkable.

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