Wheeling Zürich – What to do (or not)?

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What do to in Zürich? Well that really depends on what you are interested in, doesn’t it? And whether you are wheeling yourself or not. The city centre, Zürich West and the river banks are more or less flat. But if you move away from the river, everything becomes more steep and you will also encounter som cobble stones (the easy kind) in the Old Town. But curb cuts are perfect, public transportation is good and I would definitely call Zürich an accessible city. If your Visa card can handle it – then wheel yourself away!

Here’s my top 10 list of things to do in Zürich:

  1. Visit Steve McCurry’s photo exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung
  2. Enjoy an Aperol Spritz at Frau Gerold’s Garden (so strong it will make you happy for several hours to come)
  3. Watch 80 year old Italian lady (my new hero) dance the funky chicken at a bier garten, while you drink Swiss beer and eat barbequed chicken
  4. Take the train to Uetliberg and see the entire Switzerland at once (well almost)
  5. Play ping pong on a rainy day in 25 Hours Hotel
  6. Walk along the Limmat river (or the lake)
  7. Windowshop in Hauptbahnstrasse (you can’t afford anything anyway)
  8. Walk around the streets of Zürich – for instance Josefstrasse (with many restaurants) and Heinrichstrasse (with relaxed neighbourhoods and cool balconies)
  9. Visit the old town and see the Grossmünster church from the outside
  10. Take public transportation – it’s more or less accessible

Well I can think of a few more things, but I’ll just leave them to your imagination…

2015-07-19 13.41.26
I have always been fascinated by Steve McCurry’s photo of the Afghan girl. And the exhibition was probably the best photo exhibition I have ever seen. So many beautiful photos. Go see it in Zürich or if it comes to a place near you!
2015-07-19 13.01.03
Her eyes are staring right through you…
2015-07-18 12.30.49
Frau Gerold’s Garten even had a wheelchair lift to get to the top level. But I didn’t try it. There were plenty of space downstairs, since all the hipsters were on holiday.
2015-07-19 15.57.19
Daddy, Daddy Coo-ool! At Bauschänzli the food and beer was both tasty and slightly more affordable. If you don’t like oldies goldies – this is not the place for you!
2015-07-20 11.54.00
This is the old train to Uetliberg (with one step to get inside). The newer one (that we took) was accessible, but the gap was too big, so I needed help.
2015-07-20 14.56.21
This vehicle might help you get up the super steap hill from the railway station to the viewpoint at Uetliberg. I think you are supposed to pre-order it, but we caught it by chance. Lucky us!
2015-07-20 12.31.49
You have to be able to transfer to get into the shuttle. And there are steps to get into the restaurant/hotel, where the accessible toilet is. But the outdoor restaurant and the viewpoints at Uetliberg are accessible.
2015-07-20 12.35.58
The viewtower at Uetliberg
2015-07-20 12.39.31
View to Zürich West. At the left side of the photo you see a tall bulding with black and white squares. That is the Sheraton, situated right next to the 25 Hours Hotel. On the right side you see the Zurich Prime Tower, the tallest building in Zürich.
2015-07-20 12.44.19
View to the lake.
2015-07-20 13.56.55
The Hugo has Edelweiss liquor in it. Tasted good! 🙂
2015-07-21 11.07.13
Run, Forrest, run! 😉
2015-07-18 15.09.14
Wheel along the lake…
2015-07-18 14.34.26
The posh Hauptbahnstrasse has shops like Gucci and Versace and ends on Paradeplatz, where you find the big banks and insurance companies – the reason why Zürich is so bloody expensive.
2015-07-19 14.08.52
Balconies in Heinrich strasse (or close)
2015-07-19 14.51.30
The Grossmünster
2015-07-20 15.37.28
Fountain inside the Hauptbahnhof

Things you can also do – that we didn’t:

  1. Take a boat cruise on the Limmat river and/or the lake
  2. Sunbathe topless at the Frauenbad in the middle of the Limmat river. And yes – the Swiss actually do that! I was kind of surprised…
  3. See the Chagalle windows at the Fraumünster church
  4. Visit the National Museum (under redecoration)
  5. Party all night long in a trendy club (I am sure there are many good alternatives)

2015-07-19 14.39.33

2015-07-19 14.58.41
2015-07-18 14.00.37
The National Museum
2015-07-17 22.29.57
We ended up in the hotel bar instead of figuring out the nightlife of Zürich. But except the cocktail prices, this was not a bad place to be…
2015-07-21 16.49.07
Auf Wiedersehen Zürich. Just gotta earn some money first…

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